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R.F. Technologies, Inc.
R.F. Technologies, Inc.
Complete Solutions Provider to the Restaurant Industry

Drive-thru Headset Repair Programs: Engineered for cost savings

We provide two drive-thru equipment repair programs to choose from based on your specific needs.

The Insure Program offers unlimited repairs for a fixed monthly price, while the Premier Program is designed for multi-location operators who prefer a pay-as-you-go option with discounted pricing per repair.


Safeguard your drive-thru equipment investment with Insure by R.F. Technologies, Inc. Our Insure Drive-Thru Repair Program provides peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on managing your restaurant without concerns about unexpected repair costs or prolonged downtime.
- One low monthly payment
- Group pricing based on number of eligible locations
- FREE inbound shipping labels
- Highest quality parts and service


The Premier Drive-Thru Repair program caters to multi-unit operators aiming to leverage their combined purchasing strength. It offers a pay-as-you-go repair service for headsets at significantly lower rates. This non-contractual program provides flexibility and simplicity, allowing you to easily utilize its benefits.
- Fixed repair rate lowers overall costs
- Customers save an average of 40% on repairs annually on the Premier Program
- Using RFT as your single-source provider allows for an efficient and proven cost-effective repair solution
- No contract and no monthly recurring cost, only pay when repairs are needed, unlike a monthly maintenance plan
- Quarterly usage reports are provided so that you can track your unique program performance and cost savings
- Available to franchisees who own or operate a minimum of 15 participating locations with equipment that is not under a manufacturer's warranty
- FREE inbound shipping labels
- Highest quality parts and service

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R.F. Technologies, Inc. is your all-in-one solution for cutting edge technology needs. With over 35 years of industry leadership, we specialize in providing tailored programs for single or multi-unit operators. From drive-thru systems, timer technology, and digital menu boards to POS equipment, kiosks, and surveillance solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of products. Our nationwide on-site repair and installation services ensure seamless integration, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.
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