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Complete Solutions Provider to the Restaurant Industry

Nationwide On-site Repair and Installation Service Available

  • Drive-Thru Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Music Systems
  • Timers
To schedule an on-site repair or installation service

Need On-site Service?

Call us at 800-598-2370 or fill out the form below and an RFT representative will contact you within 24 hours.

RFT provides nationwide on-site drive-thru repair and installation services. Our expert technicians can set up your restaurant with the equipment you need to give your customers the best possible experience at the drive-thru. When you use RFT for drive-thru, security or music system installation or repair, you can count on quick, professional service. Our installation and repair capabilities make it possible to have your systems up and running and ready to serve your customers as quickly as possible.

We're also your complete source for individual installation parts. Whether you need a complete system, headset, speakers, cameras or something else, we have an extensive selection of options for you. If you need headset repairs, you can send them directly to us by completing this form. Additional services may be available based on your specific issue or need.

Repair Services

Prior to any on-site service call, a phone diagnostic with one of your technicians is required to determine the exact cause of the issue and what (if any) parts will be needed. This service is FREE.


  • Speaker/Microphone replacement at speaker post
  • Exterior vehicle detector loop replacement
  • Interior vehicle detector replacement
  • Base station replacement
  • Full drive-thru system diagnostics


  • Camera(s) not working
  • Issue with power supply, wiring, DVR or monitor


  • No music
  • Volume issue
  • Speaker, amplifier or writing issues


  • Detector and outdoor loop issues
  • Power issues

Installation Services

We'll take on the installation of your new products, making sure they're installed correctly the first time. We also offer FREE 24/7 technical support to help you get up and running.


  • Full system installation (single or dual lane)
  • Saw cut (new) loop installation
  • Speaker post speaker installation


  • Full system installation (standard 4 to 32 camera systems)
  • 32+ cameras system capabilities
  • Install of additional cameras on existing system


  • Full system installation (standard 1-4 speakers)
  • 4+ system installation capabilities
  • Install of additional speakers on existing system
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