Nationwide On-Site Services

RFT provides nationwide on-site repair and installation services. Additional service may be available based on your specific issue or need. 

Repair Services

Prior to any on-site service call, a phone diagnostic with one of our technicians is required to determine the exact cause of the issue and what (if any) parts will be needed. This service is FREE.


  • Speaker/Microphone replacement at speaker post
  • Exterior vehicle detector loop replacement
  • Interior vehicle detector replacement
  • Base station replacement
  • Full drive-thru system diagnostics


  • Camera(s) not working
  • Issue with power supply, wiring, DVR or monitor


  • No music
  • Volume issue
  • Speaker, amplifier or wiring issues


  • Detector and outdoor loop issues
  • Power issues

Installation Services

We'll take on the installation of your new products, making sure they're installed correctly the first time. We also offer FREE 24/7 technical support to help you get up and running.


  • Full system installation (single or dual lane)
  • Saw cut (new) loop installation
  • Speaker post speaker installation


  • Full system installation (standard 4 to 32 camera systems)
  • 32+ cameras system capabilities
  • Install of additional cameras on existing system


  • Full system installation (standard 1-4 speakers)
  • 4+ system installation capabilities
  • Install of additional speakers on existing system

Please contact us today to setup your on-site repair or installation service.