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R.F. Technologies, Inc.
R.F. Technologies, Inc.
Complete Solutions Provider to the Restaurant Industry

meet the new APEX HD Drive-Thru Headset System
by R.F. Technologies, Inc.

APEX is a new way to drive-thru. With clearer communication, HD sound innovation, and more intelligent capabilities with the integration of AI technologies, the lightweight headset is designed for optimal quick service restaurant performance.

small footprint, big impact.

APEX Drive-Thru SystemAPEX Drive-Thru Headset


With AI Compatibility, APEX boosts store efficiency by speeding up orders and cutting wait times. It also eases the workload for restaurant staff, enabling them to prioritize customer service and keep the drive-thru running smoothly.

Cost Efficiency

The full HD APEX drive-thru system offers remarkable cost efficiency compared to other leading brands. Reach out to a sales representative today to explore the substantial savings potential that comes with investing in an APEX system!

AI Compatibility

The APEX drive-thru system streamlines order processing and enhances efficiency for store owners, enabling faster service and reduced wait times for customers. With its AI Compatibility feature, restaurant workers experience simplified order management and enhanced accuracy, minimizing errors and ensuring seamless operations during peak hours.

The Future of Sound

Experience unparalleled clarity with end-to-end sound, ensuring precise and accurate orders every time. Rest assured, our sound quality never degrades, providing a consistent and reliable communication experience.

Block Out Audio Distractions

Achieve optimal sound balance and extend noise reduction capabilities to effectively block out the bustling noise of lunch rushes and noisy engines.

Instant Echo Cancellation

Unlike traditional methods that involve multiple steps to reduce digital noise, APEX simplifies the process. With just a press of a button, echo cancellation becomes effortless and instant.

Flexible System for a Customized Solution

The APEX HD Drive-Thru System offers unparalleled flexibility to customers by seamlessly accommodating both single and dual lane drive-thru configurations, ensuring a smooth and efficient ordering experience. Fast food employees benefit from the system's adaptability, allowing them to retain their investment as the business scales up, streamlining operations and enhancing customer service interactions.

Small Base Station, Big Impact

The APEX base station boasts compact dimensions of 10 1/4” x 3” x 6 1/4”, ensuring it occupies minimal space and can be conveniently installed at the most suitable location for your team. Its HD display, equipped with a bright touchscreen and an expanded dashboard view, allows you to effortlessly monitor the presence of cars at each order point within the drive-thru lane, facilitating smoother operations and enhancing customer service.

Base Station "Manager Mode"

The innovative APEX system features a "Manager Mode" function, enabling the store manager to seamlessly take over from the original order taker with a simple press of a button, ensuring efficient management and smooth customer service adjustments as needed.

Text-to-Speech Functionality

APEX simplifies the process of transcribing greetings, reminders, and alerts at the drive-thru by utilizing natural-sounding computer vocalization. This not only enhances the customer experience with clear communication but also streamlines tasks for drive-thru employees, ensuring efficient and effective interactions.

Let's Talk the APEX Advantage Today!

Ready for APEX to provide your customers with their best drive-thru experience? Let's talk today!

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