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APEX and Panasonic Attune II Headset 6-Port Battery Charger (RF Brand)

R.F. Brand, six port battery charger that can charge up to six batteries simultaneously. The charger is used for RF Brand RF455B batteries for APEX Headsets and Panasonic Attune II Headsets. It will also charge Panasonic WX-SB100 batteries.


Full Description

R.F. Brand 6-port battery charger for RF Brand RF455B batteries for APEX and Panasonic Attune II  Headsets. Will also charge Panasonic’s WX-SB100 batteries. It can charge up to six batteries simultaneously. The charger is powered by a 12V power adapter(US) capable of sourcing at least 3 AMPs. RF455C features an input voltage protection, trickle charging capability, battery temperature monitoring system, as well as an indicator system. The LED indicator system includes a battery fault, charging and power on indicators. Charge time from 0 to 95% capacity is typically 2 hours and 95% to 100% is an additional 1 hour via trickle charging. Following completion of the charge cycle, the charger will switch into a maintenance mode, which will apply charge to the battery when needed to maintain 100% capacity allowing storage of the batteries indefinitely without damaging the battery.

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in




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