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Multi-Voltage Vehicle Loop Detector

Multi-Voltage Vehicle Loop Detector


Full Description

The RFEVD vehicle loop detector allows for detection of metallic objects entering the field around an induction loop. This detector automatically adjusts from 12 VDC up to 240 VAC which eliminates the installer’s need to match available power to an appropriately rated vehicle detector. The RFEVD display feature makes set-up easy by displaying the optimum sensitivity setting required to detect a vehicle positioned near the loop. Ten sensitivity settings allow for fine adjustment of the detection level. The RFEVD provides relay contact outputs indicating vehicle presence and a second set of relay contact outputs providing auxiliary functions. The second output can be used for loop fault pulse on entry/pulse on exit, or the detect on stop feature. The RFEVD features automatic sensitivity boost (ASB), delay, fail-safe/fail-secure and infinite or normal (5 minute) presence. Four frequency settings provide flexibility in preventing cross talk in multi-loop applications.
Kit Includes:
(1) RFEVD – Multi-Voltage Vehicle Loop Detector, dual output AC/DC, US wiring
(1) RFLD11 – 11 pin DIN rail socket, black, wide base
(1) RF892832 – 14VAC P/S

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Additional information

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